Installation Guide

Getting started with Komodo TV Plus is pretty simple and can be done in few minutes. Once you have purchased your subscription our support team will send you an email with your user login information. After you receive your user login information you can use our service.

Recommended Hardware

We recommend Amazon FireTV Stick 4K for the best experience.

Installation Guides:

Choose your Device from the list below and follow our step by step installation guides based on what software/app you want to use.  NOTE: If your device is not found in the list below then we do NOT provide support for it.

Amazon Devices:  FireTV / FireTvStick4k / Fire Cube

iOS Devices:  iPhone / iPad / AppleTV

Android Devices:  Mobile / Tablet / TV / Box

PC:  Laptop / PC / MacBook / Web-interface

Not Supported:

Xtream code, Mag Box, MAC, Portals, Roku are NOT supported.

Note: We do NOT provide Adult channels.  We are a family service.

We do NOT provide support for recording or catchup.